Irish fans raise roof as Justin Bieber fever takes hold

Justin Bieber is the world's biggest teenage star who inadvertently brought chaos to the Republic of Ireland's busiest shopping street on the basis of an internet rumour.

But all the time, Bieber was quietly doing some sightseeing of his own away from the glare of the media spotlight.
"I have been out and seen a few places. I'm not saying where because I want to go back there tomorrow, but I think Dublin is great," said Bieber, adding that he plans to take a month off after the current tour before returning to the studio.
The world tour has taken the $100m kid from Milan to Paris to Sydney.
On Monday, his army of screaming Irish female fans closed down parts of Grafton Street after a rumour circulated on Twitter that he was shopping.
Last night, we finally found out what all the fuss was about as the 17-year-old superstar brought his monster musical production to Dublin's 02 for the first of two shows.
Thousands of his die-hard fans -- or 'Biebetes' as they're known -- queued from early morning outside the venue.
The audience screamed so loudly when he came on stage that the roof nearly came off the O2.
He sang, he played guitar, he bared his soul, but most of all he made his tiny, and in some cases prepubescent, female fans swoon.
"What I like most is to make you smile," Bieber told his infatuated crowd.
Tonight he will be back in the 02 doing it all again.


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