WATCH: Justin Bieber Dodges Girlfriend Questions, Calls Selena “One of His Best Friends”

In a recent interview in New Zealand, Justin Bieber answered some hard-hitting questions from what he would never do to whether or not Selena Gomez is really his girlfriend. While Selena has come out openly and admitted that she and Justin are totally dating, Justin has yet to come out in public and confirm his relationship with her. Watch the video to see for yourself!

After the reporter asks Justin multiple times if he and Selena are dating, Justin only smirks and says that she is “one of his best friends.” Ouch!

Justin Bieber -- I'm Doing Japan No Matter What

Justin Bieber is going to Japan this month no matter what ... TMZ has learned -- despite his crew staging an outright mutiny ... and refusing to go with him.
The Biebs is scheduled to perform across the Pacific in two weeks -- once in Osaka and once in Tokyo -- but as we previously reported, many of his crew members are flat out REFUSING to take the trip ... because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.

We're told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts -- but the Biebs has decided ... he's hitting Japan with or without his crew.

If Bieber doesn't have the manpower for stadium gigs -- we're told he'll take on whatever smaller venues he can ... all the way down to homeless shelters.

Source: tmz.com

Justin Bieber: Aussie Arrival!

Justin Bieber checks his phone while being escorted to his departing airplane on Thursday (May 5) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 17-year-old superstar singer had to be escorted to his plane by airport security and the local police!

Biebs is down under performing as part of his world tour. That same day, he performed at the Adelaide Entertainment Center in Hindmarsh, Australia.

Justin tweeted, “Adelaide seems to be real hyped. Kinda stuffed up from all these flights but this is gonna be a good one. #myworldtour”

Congratulations are in order to Justin - he won a 2011 Webby Award for his short comedic video!


Justin Bieber Gets Sentimental On Twitter May 5, 2011

Justin Bieber took to Twitter to get sentimental with his fans on May 5, 2011, Tweeting:
Having a moment. just grateful 2 b here living this life. not gonna waste the opportunity. not gonna be selfish. not gonna get in my own way.

Bad egg: Bieber shell-shock charge

Not everyone was impressed with the Bieber fever that swept Sydney when the Canadian pop star arrived for his long-awaited concert last week.

A Bondi Junction teenager has been charged by police after he allegedly broke into the roof of Acer Arena to throw eggs at Justin Bieber during his performance on Friday night.

A number of eggs were thrown at the teen heartthrob and his back-up singers during the performance, but all missed.

Acer Arena complained to police after becoming aware of the incident when details were posted on a social networking site.

A 17-year-old was arrested at his home at 7.30am today and taken to Waverley police station where he was charged with break and enter, trespass and malicious damage.

Police also seized a mobile phone among other items.

He has been granted conditional bail to appear at Parramatta Children's Court on June 2.
Source: smh.com.au


Justin Bieber Meets Bullied Teen Casey Heynes in Australia (Video)

Justin Bieber has been taking a stand against bullying for quite some time, so when he heard about Casey Heynes, the bullied teen who was videotaped defending himself, the pop star decided to make time to meet him while touring in Australia.

At school, Casey was cornered by a bully, who punched the sophomore several times. Students stood by and watched, one even filmed the incident, but did nothing. Then, Casey "snapped" and stood up for himself by picking the bully up and throwing him to the ground.

Justin personally requested to meet the 10th grader, and flew him and his family to Melbourne to be his special guests at the My World tour date. Backstage, Justin got to talk to Casey about the viral video that made the student a hero for the bullied.

"When I first saw it, I saw it on TMZ and I was like, 'This is crazy. I can't believe this. This is amazing.'" he said to Casey. "It shows everybody else that you have to stand up for yourself and you can't just take it."

"The first thing you do is go tell someone," he continued. "You can't always hit back, but sometimes you have to. So, I think that was important for you, especially in that situation. So, I'm proud of you."

Justin invited Casey on stage at his Melbourne show to top off a night to remember. Find out how it all came together in 'A Current Affair's' video below.

Source: jsyk.com

Was Justin Bieber Crying On Stage?

Justin Bieber got super emotional during his concert in Melbourne last Monday. Justin was serenading the crowd with “Favorite Girl,” strumming the guitar and closing his eyes, when all of a sudden the crowd realized tears were streaming down his face! Justin was overcome with emotions and appreciations for his fans that he couldn’t help but cry. So sweet!
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Selena Gomez Doesn't Like 'Hiding' Her Relationship With Justin Bieber

At first, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were coy about their relationship, but in a new interview with Seventeen, the 18-year-old singer says that she's not into keeping everything in her life under wraps.

When asked why she's been more open about her relationship with the Canadian pop star, she said, "I don't like hiding. I do like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day, I'm eighteen, and I'm going to fall in love. I'm going to hang out with people, and I'm going to explore myself, and I'm okay with that."

But she also recognizes that Justin's fans are important. Regarding the pop star's Beliebers, she adds, "I do see the passion that a lot of these girls have, and it's beautiful. I love it. I really do. It's special."

Speculation about Selena and Justin's relationship began at the top of the year when photos of the pair vacationing in the Caribbean were posted on the Web. Since then, the two stars have attended Vanity Fair's Oscar party together and have sent loving public tweets to each other on Twitter.

Source: jsyk.com

Justin Bieber Told He Was Acting Like A Child During A Recent Flight

Justin Bieber hopped on an airplane in Australia recently where he is traveling around the country on his My World concert tour. On the flight Justin got up out of his seat to talk to his entourage at the back of the plane, and during that time the seatbelt sign was switched on.
A staff member on the airplane demanded that Justin returned to his seat and told him that he was breaching security and acting like a child. Yikes!


Justin Bieber: Australia Airport Adventure!

Justin Bieber waves to photographers as he boards his plane on Sunday (May 1) in Sydney, Australia.

The 17-year-old singer continued his world tour with a stop in Australia! Justin is scheduled to perform in Melbourne, Australia later this week.

We’re glad Biebs was able to grab some food at Hungry Jacks before getting on the plane. Justin tweeted, “Soo hungry” hours before.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Justin’s latest movie, Never Say Never, out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Friday (May 13).

Justin Bieber Egged On Stage In Australia

Justin Bieber was performing for a crowd in Sydney, Australia on April 29, 2011 when a number of eggs were thrown on stage. Thankfully none of them hit the pop star, but we’re guessing they were meant to. No word on who threw the eggs, although we’re assuming security at the concert was able to find out who it was since they didn’t just throw one!
Watch below to see Justin continue to perform for his fans even while the egg mess was being cleaned up on stage. Now that’s dedication!