Justin Bieber Meets Bullied Teen Casey Heynes in Australia (Video)

Justin Bieber has been taking a stand against bullying for quite some time, so when he heard about Casey Heynes, the bullied teen who was videotaped defending himself, the pop star decided to make time to meet him while touring in Australia.

At school, Casey was cornered by a bully, who punched the sophomore several times. Students stood by and watched, one even filmed the incident, but did nothing. Then, Casey "snapped" and stood up for himself by picking the bully up and throwing him to the ground.

Justin personally requested to meet the 10th grader, and flew him and his family to Melbourne to be his special guests at the My World tour date. Backstage, Justin got to talk to Casey about the viral video that made the student a hero for the bullied.

"When I first saw it, I saw it on TMZ and I was like, 'This is crazy. I can't believe this. This is amazing.'" he said to Casey. "It shows everybody else that you have to stand up for yourself and you can't just take it."

"The first thing you do is go tell someone," he continued. "You can't always hit back, but sometimes you have to. So, I think that was important for you, especially in that situation. So, I'm proud of you."

Justin invited Casey on stage at his Melbourne show to top off a night to remember. Find out how it all came together in 'A Current Affair's' video below.

Source: jsyk.com


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