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Justin Bieber: Roshon Fegan Wants You on Shake It Up!

Justin Bieber shines in silver and purple as he performs live on stage at the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday night (March 8).

Roshon Fegan, who stars on Disney’s Shake It Up, recently told JJJ that he would love to see Justin, 17, on the show in one way or the other.

Ro shared, “All of the special guests [on the show] were so amazing. I think it would be great to have my boy Justin Bieber do a little somethin-somethin on the Shake It Up set.”

“He’s really getting down on the dance floor these days. Plus it’s time for him to show me what he’s really got on the dance floor. JB don’t want none. Haha!” he added.


Justin Bieber Hits 8 Million Followers On Twitter

Wow! Congratulations to Justin Bieber who officially now has 8 million Twitter followers! Justin is great about Tweeting messages to his fans and answering their questions on the social networking site. The pop star also posts photos and videos of himself for his fans to check out and he has fun conversations with other celebrities on Twitter too that his fans can follow along with.

Selena Confesses Why She’s Attracted To A Younger Man!

Even though Selena is more than a year older than her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, she told Ryan Seacrest she actually is younger than he is at heart!

At first, seeing Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together as a couple was weird. The 18-year-old starlet seems so much more mature than the then-16-year-old pop star! However, Selena explained to Ryan Seacrest what makes her relationship with a younger guy work.
Before the world premiere of her single “Who Says,” March 8, Ryan asked Selena how it feels to now be an adult and her response was surprising.
“I feel 15,” she admitted. “I’m so young. I really am.”
We love Justin, but we couldn’t get our heads around why Selena — who seems wise beyond her years — was dating someone nearly two years her junior. Now it all makes sense!
Even though Justin and Selena have been spotted kissing, holding hands and staying in the same hotel (to name a few), Selena is STILL staying mum about her relationship. Watch the interview below to see how she dodges the question about Justin once again. She’s turning into quite the ninja!

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Kirstin Says: Good For You, Justin! You’re Proud Of Selena No Matter What Fans Think!

Even though many of his fans are outraged by his decision to date Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber isn't scared to show off his love. That takes guts!

Beliebers around the world are beyond upset Justin Bieber has taken a lady friend, but that hasn’t stopped the 17-year-old pop star from showing her off whenever he possibly can. Despite many of his fans claiming Selena Gomez has already changed Justin (and not for the better), he remains steadfast and proud. What a sweet guy!
What Justin is doing isn’t easy. Life isn’t as romantic as Romeo and Juliet makes it out to be. When people disapprove of your significant other, it’s easier to sway away from that person than stand up to the masses. But Justin isn’t like that. The more fans threaten Selena and complain about Justin’s attitude, the more he pushes back with PDA and sweet tweets.
Most recently, Justin tweeted to Selena, 18, from Europe, where he’s about to start his world tour. “@selenagomez I miss you,” he wrote.
Justin also isn’t afraid to tell his followers he’s not changing from the sweet fan-friendly star they know and love. After a video became viral on YouTube of Justin pushing a camera person out of the way when he and Selena were at a 7-11 in Los Angeles, Justin told his fans what really happened.
“the lady in the store was paparazzi not a fan,” he tweeted. “I would never mistreat my fans. ill never change. ill always be the same. #ipromise”
Interestingly enough, it seems Justin’s almost more proud of Selena than she is of him! When the couple was caught smooching outside the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Justin looked straight into the paparazzi cameras like he wanted them to catch him in the act. Plus, whenever he’s asked about Selena, Justin raves. He always sings her praises. Selena, on the other hand, plays more coy — perhaps in an effort avoid fan tension.
No matter what his fans say about his new relationship, Justin wants to show off his girl and I think we should support him. Selena, you’re one lucky lady to have such a gentleman at your beck and call.

Justin Bieber’s Bad Behavior Is Escalating — Is Selena to Blame?

Justin Bieber has been acting out over the past few weeks. Do you think his relationship with Selena has changed him?

Justin Bieber may be one of the most beloved teenage boys in America, but is he going bad? In the past few weeks we’ve seen him start to rebel against the paparazzi and his fans. Has the pressure of his high profile relationship become too much for him to handle?
We’ve seen Hollywood turn the brightest child stars into train wrecks overnight. It’s hard for children to grow up in an environment where they are only surrounded by adults, money, drugs, and temptation. For others, the constant criticism of the paparazzi becomes too much for them to bear. Bieber has risen to the top, but can he handle the heat? Since the release of his movie and his open relationship with Selena Gomez, the young teen sensation has been starting to act out. Check out Bieber’s recent bad behavior and tell us if you think he’s changed!
  • February 26, 2011: Justin Bieber spent a romantic evening with Selena Gomez at the St. Regis Hotel in Orange County but was apparently rude to fans who wanted to meet the pop sensation. We understand he was trying to have a nice dinner, but without his fan’s support he would be nowhere.
  • March 1, 2011: On Justin’s birthday, he spent the day shopping with Selena at the Beverly Center but the day was spoiled when both of the teens let their tempers get the best of them and flashed the paps the finger!
  • March 1, 2011: Justin and Selena walk into 7-11 and Justin attacks a woman with a camera. He pushed the camera so she couldn’t keep taping him. We know you want privacy, but that’s the price of fame and its no excuse to get aggressive.
  • March 4, 2011: Justin kicks his back-up dancer in throat as an element of violent choreography in his UK tour. Is he relieving pent up aggression?
  • March 8, 2011: We all know Justin is a prankster, but Tuesday morning Justin decided to prank those who matter the most — his fans. He stole his guitarist Dan Kanter’s phone and tweeted that he’d be leaving, causing an uproar amongst fans. It’s fun and harmless to pull a prank on friends, but don’t mess with the hand that feeds you Bieber!
Justin has defended himself on his twitter account saying, “had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry #killthemwithkindness.” and then later,“it’s not always easy but i know better than to react in anger. life has it’s ups and downs but u guys r always there 4 me. i will make my mistakes but i promise 2 continue 2 grow with u and try 2 do rt.”But fans have been talking and definitely see a change in Bieber’s personality and think Selena could be to blame.
Justin continues to plead with fans that he has not changed, “The lady in the store was paparazzi not a fan,” Justin tweeted March 3. “I would never mistreat my fans. ill never change. ill always be the same. #ipromise.

Justin Bieber Pranks His Fans On Twitter! Has He Finally Gone Too Far?

We know Justin has a history of adorable pranks, but when Justin pretended to fire his guitarist, he sent fans into a frenzy!

Let this be a lesson to Justin Bieber: NEVER mess with your fans. Justin got a hold of guitarist Dan Kanter’s cell phone on March 8 and tweeted: “Hey guys, just wanted to inform all of the fans first that I have resigned from working with Justin and I will be deleting my twitter soon.”
As if that tweet alone didn’t freak out Justin fan’s enough, it was quickly followed by this tweet from the Biebs himself: “you will be missed @dankanter. but what you did was horrible. you will never be forgiven.”
But just as fans were beginning their online revolt, Justin’s director/editor friend Alfredo Flores tweeted this: “I saw Justin tweet that from your phone. Everyone FALSE ALARM! LOL *as Dan fights Justin for his phone back*”
“Got pranked by JB,” Dan tweeted when he finally got his phone back. “Guess I should cancel those auditions for @davematthewsbnd @phish @metallica and @bobdylan.. and get #REVENGE”

New Chris Brown & Justin Bieber!

Check out Chris Brown's new song with Justin BieberNext 2 You, above!

Irish fans raise roof as Justin Bieber fever takes hold

Justin Bieber is the world's biggest teenage star who inadvertently brought chaos to the Republic of Ireland's busiest shopping street on the basis of an internet rumour.

But all the time, Bieber was quietly doing some sightseeing of his own away from the glare of the media spotlight.
"I have been out and seen a few places. I'm not saying where because I want to go back there tomorrow, but I think Dublin is great," said Bieber, adding that he plans to take a month off after the current tour before returning to the studio.
The world tour has taken the $100m kid from Milan to Paris to Sydney.
On Monday, his army of screaming Irish female fans closed down parts of Grafton Street after a rumour circulated on Twitter that he was shopping.
Last night, we finally found out what all the fuss was about as the 17-year-old superstar brought his monster musical production to Dublin's 02 for the first of two shows.
Thousands of his die-hard fans -- or 'Biebetes' as they're known -- queued from early morning outside the venue.
The audience screamed so loudly when he came on stage that the roof nearly came off the O2.
He sang, he played guitar, he bared his soul, but most of all he made his tiny, and in some cases prepubescent, female fans swoon.
"What I like most is to make you smile," Bieber told his infatuated crowd.
Tonight he will be back in the 02 doing it all again.

Justin Bieber fever hits Ireland

Justin Bieber fever has hit Ireland ahead of the teenage pop sensation's concerts in Dublin.
Hundreds of girls thronged the city's Grafton Street area on Monday night in the hope of catching a glimpse of him.
Some were reported to have run between shops screaming the Canadian musician's name.
And the teenager appeared to acknowledge their attentions, by posting on Twitter: "Relaxin in Dublin..Irish fans are no joke".
Bieber has 7.3 million followers on Twitter and more than 21 million friends on Facebook. His fans call themselves "Beliebers".
Fans in Northern Ireland have been campaigning on the internet over a number of months for a show in Belfast, but to no avail.
Bieber is due to play sold-out concerts at the O2 Arena in Dublin on Tuesday and Wednesday night.
Earlier this month, a lock of his hair sold for $40,668 (£25,024) in a charity sale on Ebay.
Source: bbc.co.uk


Justin Bieber’s Purple Nike Shoe eBay Auction

Justin Bieber donated one of his worn purple Nike shoes to his former school, Stratford Northwestern Secondary School in Ontario, Canada. You can currently bid on the shoe, and with the auction open until March 11, 2011 the shoe has already fetched a $8,300 bid.
Proceeds from the auction go to constructing a broadcasting and communications studio at the school. Here is the description of the shoe from the eBay seller:
This one of a kind, size 7.5 right purple NIKE is AUTOGRAPHED with Justin’s FULL NAME SIGNATURE which he rarely signs with. The shoe has also been WORN by JUSTIN himself, with dirt and scuffs on bottom for proof.

The shoe also comes with a letter of authenticity. Let us know if you make a bid!

Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” Is The Third Highest Grossing Documentary Ever

According to recent reports Justin Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never” is currently sitting as the third highest grossing documentary of all time. Reportedly the movie is on its way to overtaking the second highest grossing documentary, “March of the Penguins,” while Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest grossing documentary, making over $119 million.
After being in theaters for just a few short weeks “Never Say Never” has already brought in over $60 million, and it hasn’t opened everywhere around the world yet. It will be interesting to see what the final numbers are!
Congratulations Justin!

Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez “Hot” In New Interview

Justin Bieber recently spoke out about his girlfriend Selena Gomez for the first time in an interview. Here’s what Justin revealed:

It’s so important that a girl makes me laugh. She’s hot. Of course every guy likes the girl to be hot, which Selena is. But I like to mess around and pull jokes on people so I like to be around people who make me laugh and share my sense of humor. That’s Selena for sure. She is a really great person and I think she has the best smile in the world.

Aww, how CUTE!

Justin Bieber Growing Out His Mustache

Get excited! Justin Bieber will be growing out his mustache, whether or not his fans are interested in the pop star having facial hair. Here’s what Justin Tweeted via Twitter:

I’m not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache… I’m pumped.

We think it might have been a good idea for Justin to take a poll first before making this decision. But, since he didn’t we decided we should! Weigh in with your opinion on Justin Bieber’s mustache below!

James Earl Jones Reading “Baby” Lyrics By Justin Bieber

Actor James Earl Jones recently read the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” during an interview. James lent his voice to the classic Disney film “The Lion King” as the character Mufasa. Listen to James’ rendition of “Baby” below and let us know what you think!
Is “Baby” one of your favorite Justin Bieber songs? It’s definitely one of ours!

Justin Bieber Misses Selena Gomez On Tour

Justin Bieber is currently on tour overseas, while his girlfriend Selena Gomez is still in Los Angeles, California. Justin took to Twitter to share with the world how much he misses Selena, Tweeting:

@selenagomez I miss you.

Selena then Tweeted back:

@justinbieber I miss all of y’all.

Selena then Tweeted to Justin’s bodyguard Kenny Hamilton that she missed him too!
We hope that Selena is able to visit Justin during his tour. We think they are a super cute couple! What about you?

Justin Bieber Talks About “Never Say Never – The Remixes” And Chuck Norris

Haha! Listen to this super fun clip we found of Justin Bieber talking about his “Never Say Never – The Remixes” soundtrack. Justin talks about all of the artists that are on the album with him and he also mentions that Chuck Norris is on the album, “kicking people,” but you just can’t hear him!
Have you purchased Justin’s “Never Say Never – The Remixes” CD, or have you been to the movies to see Justin’s hit 3D movie “Never Say Never”?

Miley Cyrus Impersonates Justin Bieber On Saturday Night Live

Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live on March 5, 2011. During the show she was part of “The Miley Cyrus Show” skit where she impersonated pop star Justin Bieber. Watch the video below and let us know if you think Miley pulled off being Justin!

Then, be sure to let us know if you tuned in for Miley’s appearance on SNL and be sure to let us know what your favorite skit Miley was a part of was. And check back here soon for more of the videos from her stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

Justin Bieber Records A New Song With Chris Brown

Before Justin Bieber left to continue his My Worlds concert tour overseas he took to Twitter to let his fans know that he had hit the studio to record a song with Chris Brown for Chris’ upcoming album. Here’s what Justin Tweeted:

Back from the studio finishing up a new record with @chrisbrown for his new album. we teased you with ‘UP’.. you’re gonna go crazy for this!

Justin and Chris have released the song “UP” on Justin’s “Never Say Never – The Remixes” soundtrack CD. Are you glad Justin and Chris have collaborated on a second song?

Justin Bieber Is Back On Tour March 2011

Justin Bieber posted the photo above to his Twitter account on March 4, 2011 to let everyone know that he is officially back on tour! The second half of Justin’s tour will take him around the world. Do you have tickets to see the pop star live in concert in the coming months? Or, have you been lucky enough to see him perform live already?
Which song from Justin is your favorite so far? We can’t wait for him to release a new album later this year!

and now a message from justin and jaden. #winning

and now a message from me and jaden. #winning