Justin Bieber's Next Album To Capture Justin Timberlake's

Songwriter Sean Garrett says former 'NSYNC star's success inspires Bieber's new project and also dishes on Beyoncé's album.

Justin Bieber may have declined the chance to join Justin Timberlake'slabel, but according to a songwriter in the know, the former 'NSYNC crooner is the inspiration for the teen sensation's upcoming album.

Songwriter Sean "The Pen "Garrett, who has been working with Bieber on the follow-up to the chart-ruling My World 2.0., spoke with Billboard about the direction for the teen superstar's forthcoming album, saying the project will feature more grown-up fare.

"What we're trying to do with Justin is to segue him into young adulthood," Garrett said of the project, which is also slated to feature production from hitmaker Christopher "Tricky" Stewart. "The one great thing about Justin Bieber is the fact that his fans are going to grow with him. So we want all the fans that started out with him to still be intrigued and excited about him, but we want to also stretch out a little bit and make the fans that are 22-23 years old love Justin as well. When Justin Timberlake went from the last album of *N Sync to his first solo album -- I want to say [we're aiming for] that level. That's the bar for the type of song, that level of 'Cry Me a River,' big records."

Garrett, who has crafted records for stars like Chris Brown and Bieber's mentor Usher, also said he's hard at work on Beyoncé's next project. However, the songwriter didn't divulge too much information, only revealing that he's "been working with her extremely hard ... she's my favorite."

While Garrett said the plan for his next outing is to angle Bieber toward a swiftly maturing audience, Bieber himself has refused to categorize his music, insisting to MTV News in December that he's just focused on creating quality records.

"Whatever comes out of my mouth is just what you guys are going to hear," Bieber explained of his hits. "I don't know, it's not a specific type of music. Whatever music I write, I wouldn't say I'm pop or R&B or country or anything: I would just say it's just good music,"
Source: mtv.com

justin images in "VICTORIOUS"

Are Selena Gomez’s Parents Upset She Is Dating Justin Bieber?

SELENA Gomez has infuriated her parents!

The teen star is said to be in trouble with her mother and father after ditching her purity ring and hooking up with Justin Bieber!

“When the ring came off, Selena’s parents became unglued,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Selena got the ring at 12 and never took it off.

“But when things started getting hot with Justin, suddenly she was wearing it less and less.

“Selena’s family thinks the world of Justin and isn’t opposed to them dating. But they’re very conservative people and they’d be heartsick if she did something with him that she’d later regret.

“The family has even gone as far as having people in her entourage report back to them when she spends time with Justin. Selena hates being spied on, and that’s pushing her away from her family.”

Debbie Gibson on Justin Bieber: "Too Much, Too Soon"

Debbie Gibson knows from teen pop superstardom. And now she's ready to share some of her hard-earned wisdom with Justin Bieber.

"It's too much too soon," she tells E! News. "People have to remember even though a kid can be wise beyond their years professionally and can handle showbiz, emotionally you're not developed."

"Somebody has got to remember that Justin is 16," she says, questioning why Bieber was acting a little too mature and frolicking on a yacht with Selena Gomez.

She says if he doesn't stay grounded, he will "lose his sanity" later. 

The '80s teen queen, who, ironically, is promoting her new Syfy movie, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, which turns her against her old rival pop star Tiffany (whipped cream on boobs! swamp wrestles!), knows firsthand the pitfalls of early fame.

Gibson, whose own mom was always around for support but had no desire to be a stage mom, was the main reason she never landed herself in rehab, she says. 

"It's very hard for a parent and employees to say no to someone who is writing the paychecks, and he is a kid," she says of the Biebs. "Somebody has to teach the kids to respect the chain of command. I went to my prom, I went through all the milestones."

Still, Gibson says she didn't escape childhood stardom totally unscathed.

"You go through things when you experience that kind of success young," she tells us. "If I could get all these kids in a room, I'd tell them you're not superhuman. If you need to take a week off, take a week off. Everybody makes you think the world will end and it won't. If you say no, you save your sanity later."
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'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Stills

New Poster of the Movie Never Say Never

Ashton Kutcher Wants Justin Bieber To Be Next Punk'd Host

Apparently Punk'd may be coming back!

According to creator and former host of the MTV show, Ashton Kutcher says that the show could possibly be back on the air. And who does he want to replace him as host?

Justin Bieber!

Ashton says:
"I really can’t talk about it because everything’s sort of in process. It’s a possibility that it could be happening. I will not be hosting the show in the future. People were afraid I was going to punk them wherever I went and I’m starting to get invited to stuff again and it’s actually a good thing. I’ll be involved in some capacity if we do it and there could be a new host but I can’t say a whole lot.

[Justin Bieber] He’s a nice kid and he’s a funny kid – and people don’t know he’s a funny kid yet… and he’s sneaky. And I like sneaky people."

Good choice! Brings in a fresh perspective to the show. And Justin has the mischievous sense of humor that a show like Punk'd needs.

The VICTORIOUS Cast experiences Justin in 3D!

Hey readers! We know everyone is getting excited for Justin Bieber’s new film Never Say Never but fans aren’t the only ones excited!! The ladies of Victorious got to see a SNEAK PEAK this past weekend with Justin himself!! Victoria later tweeted “Had fun with @JustinBieber and the ladies of Victorious today. #NeverSayNever3D #purpleglasses”. Justin joined the twitter talk saying, “Just finished hangin on set and talking about #NeverSayNever3D with everyone from @Victorious. Good people. Follow them.”
After hearing that the girls of Victorious loved the movie we are even more EXCITED to see it when it hits theaters!!

Justin Bieber Sat On Selena Gomez's Lap At Party?

The pair have allegedly been snapped looking cosy at a sweet 16 bash...

A picture of Justin Bieber reportedly sitting on Selena Gomez's lap at a friends birthday party has emerged online, fuelling rumoursthat the teens are dating.
The pair were allegedly snapped at Jessica Jarrell's sweet 16 party in Los Angeles, and shows Bieber either standing in front of Selena or as reported online, sitting on her lap.

It is unknown whether the Somebody To Love singer arrived at the bash with Gomez, where they went rollerskating and ate pizza.
Birthday girl Jarrell, who featured on Bieber's My World 2.0 album track Overboard, has since commented on the pic, tellingcelebuzz.com: "No, I never saw that. I don't think that happened."

As for her party, she revealed: "It was amazing. It was so much more than I expected it to be. I knew it was going to be awesome; I didn't know it was going to be off the chain."
 The One Time hitmaker may be romancing Selena, but JB has revealed that despite his superstar status, he has had an embarrassing date in the past.
Speaking to Girl's Life magazine, the 16-year old recalled: "There have been a few dates I've gone on that I was totally nervous about. I just try to calm down and be myself."
He admitted: "I took a girl out for a first date to an Italian restaurant and spilled spaghetti all over her. It was terrible and embarrassing. She never went out with me again."
Regardless of his bad experience, Justin did confess that he thinks he is romantic, claiming:
"I like to bring girls flowers and treat them nice. I would love to take a girl on a hot air balloon ride. How cool would that be?"
Source: mtv.co.uk

The Bieber Haircut cost $750!

It's the haircut sought by thousands of young boys, but only one hairstylist can claim to have originated the Justin Bieber shag: Vanessa Price, who created the Biebs' signature 'do in 2009.

These days, "I usually cut his hair every couple of weeks when he's on tour," she tellsLife & Style. But great hair doesn't come cheap: Vanessa, who makes house calls only, charges roughly $750 per cut! Plenty of other people are trying to profit off the teen's locks too. "I've heard adults joke they were going to take his hair after I cut it," Vanessa says. "I tell them they're really creepy." She says that she and Justin don't really get what all the fuss is about: "We both were shocked people cared that much about someone's hair!"

Fortunately parent's don't have to shell out hundreds of bucks for the trendy cut. "It's the most popular boys' cut across the country," Melanie Ash, senior artistic director for Supercuts, tells Life & Style about the Bieber haircut. "Prices start at $14."

Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith To Perform at Grammys Together

Justin BieberJaden Smith and Usher will all be hitting the stage together during the 2011 Grammy Awards next month!

No word on what song they’ll be performing, but it’s said to be a “dynamic, energetic performance.”

Other performers at the award show include Bruno MarsKaty Perry and Arcade Fire, among many others.

The 2011 Grammy Awards air live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 13th @ 8PM ET on CBS.

Justin Bieber “Mama’s Boy” Song

Here is yet another track from Justin Bieber to find it’s way online. The song is called “Mama’s Boy,” and it sounds like Justin recorded it quite a while ago. Chances are the song was set to appear on one of Justin’s previous albums, but never made the cut.

Justin Bieber: Stuff You Must Smooch for Maria Menounos

Justin Bieber gives a kiss to hostess Maria Menounos as he presents a check from CVS Pharmacy during Access Hollywood’s “Stuff You Must…” Lounge over the weekend.

Made out to the Lollipop Theatre Network and Best Buddies charities, CVS Pharmacy makes a contribution for each celebrity who visits the lounge with the goal of raising $100,000. And that goal was met!

Maria also popped in on Justin to make sure he was ready for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards night.

Justin Bieber: Stuff You Must Check


Below are the dates that NEVER SAY NEVER will be released AROUND THE WORLD!

For more information about the movie please visitwww.justinbieberneversaynever.com
  • UK...........................Feb 18
  • France....................Feb 23
  • Argentina...............Feb 25
  • Brazil......................Feb 25
  • Germany................March 01
  • Mexico...................March 25
  • Australia................April 07
  • Italy.........................April 13
  • Spain......................April 15
  • Source: bieberfever.com

Justin Bieber Says, 'Adopt!'

Justin Bieber might just be the most sought-after pop star on the planet. If you've somehow managed to escape a case of Bieber fever up to this point, you might want to stand back because it's about to hit you! Check out peta2's brand-new ad featuring Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber for peta2

Bieber always makes it a point to make sure that his fans know how much he cares about them. Whether he's surprising them on TV, responding to them onTwitter, or even dedicating a song to them to express how much they mean to him, Bieber keeps his fans at the forefront of his mind. Now, in his second timeteaming up with peta2, Bieber has an important message that he hopes everyone will take to heart: If you need someone to make you smile, adopt a homeless animal from your local animal shelter!

Every year, 7 to 8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters, and half of them must be euthanized simply because there are not enough good homes for them. The next time that you're looking for a furry friend to be part of your life, don't support pet stores or breeders—adopt!

If animals (and Justin Bieber) make "U Smile," help end animal homelessness by always adopting and never purchasing animals from pet stores or breeders and by spaying or neutering your animal companions.

Source: peta2.com

Seth Rogen Says His Fiance Is Freaked Out By Justin Bieber

Interesting…Actor Seth Rogen announced that his fiance Lauren Miller gets “freaked out” by pop sensation Justin Bieber. Here’s what Seth revealed during an interview with the British Metro newspaper:
He [Justin] really freaks out my girlfriend. She says: ‘I just don’t get it, it’s weird.

Justin Bieber - VOTE for the BRITS!! Im COMING!!

Nominated for The Brits - International Breakthrough Act
Please VOTE here - http://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/v-v/1101201...

Voting is Worldwide

I will be there for the BRITS and doing a premiere for NEVER SAY NEVER 3D the next day. Grateful for the opportunity and thankful to you the fans once again. Cant wait to share my story with all of you. Thanks!!

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Justin Bieber Song “Heartache”

Here is a song from Justin Bieber that recently hit the web. The song is titled “Heartache,” and it’s uber cute! Although, it does sound like Justin may have recorded the song a while ago, so maybe it was meant for one of his first albums, but it never made the cut.
  Source: disneydreaming.com


Justin Bieber Covers 'Girl's Life' 100th Issue!

Justin Bieber is the lucky one who gets to cover Girl’s Life’s 100th issue!

From embarrassing dates to first kisses, the 16-year-old musician is giving away all his love advice. Check out some of the highlights:

On how he got his first kiss: “I told all my friends, ‘The first person to kiss a girl gets $10.’ So, my boys, they didn’t kiss anyone and they were like, ‘Justin, you should do it.’ I was slow-dancing with this girl and just went in! Back then, I was just some hockey-playing kid, so I was lucky she even kissed me back.”

On one of his most embarrassing dates: “There have been a few dates I’ve gone on that I was
totally nervous about. I just try to calm down and be myself. I took a girl out for a first date to an Italian restaurant and spilled spaghetti all over her. It was terrible and embarrassing. She never went out with me again.”

On where he would love to take a girl: “I’m romantic. I like to bring girls flowers and treat them nice. I would love to take a girl on a hot air balloon ride. 

Justin Bieber "UNDERDOG" Trailer- Check out my newest film

My newest film comes out in 3 weeks!! Check out our newest ad.
                                                                                                                                          Source: jonmchu

Nintendo Won’t Let Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” Movie Use The Mario Theme Song

According to Jon Chu, the director of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” 3D movie, Nintendo won’t let them use the Mario game theme song for 15 seconds in the film. Here’s what Jon Tweeted:
aw C’mon Nintendo! Y won’t u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the @Justinbieber movie…talk about free advertising passed up. Oops.

Justin Bieber To Expand OPI Nail Care Line

Keeping things stylin’, Justin Bieber heads into LAX Airport in Los Angeles to catch a flight on Tuesday afternoon (January 18).

The 16-year-old musician, who just presented at this weekend’s Golden Globe Awards, is set to expand his OPI nail care line.

The brand shared (via People), “A lot of [Justin's] songs are about making girls feel good. He sees that nail polish really makes girls feel good. There’s some glitter and shimmer. There’s something in the One Less Lonely Girl collection [for] anybody.”

The line is set to expand from six to 14 shades in February — just in time for the Never Say Never release!

Jane Krakowski's Unborn Child Meets Justin Bieber

Jane Krakowski's unborn child is accomplishing more in utero than most kids dream of – like meeting a certain teen pop star at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. 

"I think my baby already has a leg up on all other babies because the baby has already met Justin Bieber," the 30 Rockactress, 42, told PEOPLE. 

"I couldn't believe it! I'm like, first my unborn child has already gone to the Golden Globes, and now has met Justin Bieber. Lucky little one!" 

Krakowski, who is expecting a child with her clothing-designer fiancé Robert Godley, looked ravishing in a Badgley Mischka maternity dress, which she said was custom made. 

"The funniest bit was that the baby bump was the most beautiful part from the very beginning," she said. "I was like, 'You guys do this masterfully!' " 

She added with a laugh: "It's so nice to go to an awards show and not wear Spanx!" 

Source: people.com


Justin Bieber Boutique Plans "Fall Through"

JB's themed merchandise store in LA is not going ahead...

Plans for teen superstar Justin Bieber to launch his own boutique at Los Angeles shopping centre The Grove have "fallen through."

Yesterday, RadarOnline.com reported that the Pray singer was "in talks" with a company who helped Kim Kardashian and Co set up shop, DASH in the LA mall, claiming JB was working on plans to launch a Bieber-themed store.
It was suggested that Justin's shop would feature a range of Bieber products from lollipops to shoes, with an insider telling the website: "They want to have everything Justin Bieber."
They continued: "They are also trying to find other Island Def Jam artists to be the face of some candy as well."
However, before all you Beliebers out there get too excited, a spokesperson for the 16-year old heartthrob has stated that despite plans to open the store, the proposal never made it past the ideas stage.
Justin's publicist, Jennifer Gordon, told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: “I was working with them last year with the possibility of this happening. Toward the end of November, everything had fallen through. It’s not happening.”
Source: mtv.co.uk

Justin Bieber Says You Don’t Need to Be a Fan to See His Movie!

We all know that Beliebers will be flooding movie theaters come February 11 for Justin Bieber’s 3d movie premiere for Never Say Never, but according to the Biebs himself, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy it! Justin tweeted this: “Like @jonmchu says u dont need to be a fan to see this movie…u just gotta want to watch a great movie about chasing an impossible dream.” Maybe you should make it a family affair and bring mom and dad, too, readers!


Pictures of Justin Bieber on the birthday Sixteenth of Jessica Jarrell's

More from Jessica Jarrell's Birthday!

Justin Bieber stopped by to celebrate his friend's milestone birthday! It certainly looks like Jessica Jarrell's sixteenth was sweet—check out those pink cupcakes!

You know what else is supersweet? This pic of Jessica and Selena Gomez! (We wonder if Justin and Selena came to the party together...)
Our favorite Australian crooner was in attendance!

JESSICA JARRELL Dishes on JUSTIN BIEBER at her Sweet 16 Party!

BOP & Tiger Beat Celebrate Jessica Jarrell’s Sweet 16!

BOP and Tiger Beat were lucky enough to get an invite to Jessica Jarrell’s Sweet 16 birthday party, sponsored by Pastry Shoes! The supercute singer, who just got off tour with Justin Bieber, chose to have her bash at a roller skating rink in Los Angeles, and she invited all of her closest friends to celebrate. Cody Simpson and his sister Alli, rapper Diggy Simmons (who performed at the party), the School Gyrls and several Victorious cast members, like Leon Thomas, Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies, showed up, and even Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez snuck inside to wish Jess a happy birthday. Guests had a blast roller skating, eating pizza and snacking on frosted pink cupcakes for dessert. ”Roller skating is one of my favorite things to do,” Jessica explained. “ I thought it would be something cool that everyone could enjoy.I” We noticed Cody getting a little help on his skates. “It’s my first time!” he spilled to us. “I’m going to fall!” The cutie ended up doing great, though!
Here’s Justin with singer/actor Jacob Latimore at Jessica’s Sweet 16!
Selena Gomez hanging with Jessica and Jess’ good friend Mariah Wilson!

New Image of Angelina Jolie with Justin Bieber via twitpic

Angelina Jolie with @Justinbieber and 3D #purpleglasses oh yeahhhhh