Look At me Now - Justin Bieber and Chris Brown - Sydney Australia Surprise

3 years ago I sang WITH YOU by Chris Brown in my living room. Since then thanks to the help of the fans we have been on an incredible journey. Thank you because we are just getting started. NEVER SAY NEVER. 

Look At Me Now!
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Justin Bieber Makes TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List

Justin Bieber recently made TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List, which is a huge honor for the pop star! In the magazine there is a section dedicated to Justin that includes some words from his mentor Usher:
From the minute I met Justin, I knew this kid possessed a certain confidence that only a star could have. He was born a star. He knew what he wanted to accomplish; all he had to do was get everyone else to believe it. Now, looking back at his incredible run, the reality of who he is and what he’s accomplished far exceeds anybody’s expectations of him. What’s interesting and will keep the world watching is that at the same time he’s having this incredible success, he’s like any other kid living a normal life.
Here’s what Justin Tweeted about making the TIME Magazine list:
Thank you @TIME. made the 2011 #TIME100 list. #honored

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Planning A Summer Vacation

It is being reported that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have already started planning a summer vacation together for when Justin finishes up his My World concert tour. The couple recently spent a few days together in Malaysia, but we bet it will be nice for these two to spend a lot more time together once Justin is back in Los Angeles, California when his tour is wrapped.

Justin Bieber Covers Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”

Check out the video below to see Justin Bieber covering Edwin McCain’s hit song “I’ll Be” at one of his recent My World concerts. We think Justin does a fantastic job and we really hope that some day he releases an album full of covers he has done!

Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Perform “Look At Me Now” In Sydney, Australia

Justin Bieber took to the stage at his My World concert in Sydney, Australia this week to perform the song “Look At Me Now,” and he was joined on stage by none other than artist Chris Brown. The two seem to have a great time on the stage together and the audience seems super into their performance. It makes us wonder if the two will work on even more songs together in the future since there was such a positive reaction to their teaming up this time around and on the song “Up” from Justin’s “Never Say Never – The Remixes” soundtrack album.

Justin Bieber Writing New Music To Release Later This Year

Justin Bieber announced via his Twitter (to his over 9 million followers) that he has been working on new music and he plans on releasing it on a new album later in 2011! Here’s what the pop star Tweeted:
Been writing alot of songs on the road. excited to just get this music out later this year and record this summer. #BELIEVE #newmusic

Justin Tweets He Misses Selena!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sadly had to part ways after spending some quality boyfriend and girlfriend time overseas in Asia. When Selena tweeted the above photo of her plane landing at LAX, with a tweet that read, “So beautiful.. Landing to that is priceless,” Justin had only one thing to say in response to it:
The two both have super busy schedules ahead of them leading into summer. Selena will be touring all over the country with Allstar Weekend while Justin has plans to record new music and keep busy with his multiple movie projects! Perhaps Justin should repay Selena by paying her a visit while she’s on the road!

Justin Bieber Working On A Movie With Mark Wahlberg

Actor Mark Wahlberg revealed to New York Magazine that he has a movie in the works with none other than Justin Bieber! The movie will be made at Paramount, the same studio that released Justin’s 3D documentary film “Never Say Never.”
Here’s what Mark revealed about the movie:
[It's] more of a drama. It’s interesting, right? You want to know. They’ll probably announce it. They may announce it fairly soon … kind of like a reluctant mentor in an inner-city environment. You know, I don’t want to say.
According to Mark neither he or Justin will sing or dance in the movie.

Justin Bieber Never Disappoints His Fans!

Hey Beliebers! Guess where the Biebs is today? Down under in Australia! Rumors were surfacing that Justin Bieber would be canceling the scheduled Australian gig because of a back injury. But not only did Justin not cancel his show in Sydney, he also brought special guest, Chris Brown! He even tweeted “I don’t cancel … In route to Sydney!! THE SHOW IS ON!! I don’t let my fans down! LEGGO!! #myworldtour,” before the gig. “Sydney … Leggo! #myworldtour” Justin would never (say never) let you guys down!
Justin also tweeted a fan’s video of him and Chris performing “Look At Me Now” on stage. 


Are Justin Bieber & Selena Too Young To Be Sharing A Hotel Room Together?

Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, were just spotted sharing a suite — and it’s not the first time!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sometimes have been a bit coy about their relationship — but it doesn’t seem that these teenagers are at all shy about sharing a hotel suite. professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal — if these two stars are too young to be appear to be so intimate!
Matt’s Take:
Justin and Selena have certainly been going strong as a couple — with the latest word that she joined him when his world tour made a stop in Malaysia.
The two teen lovebirds reportedly shared the presidential suite at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton and were described as “such a beautiful and loving couple” who “hardly stepped out of” their room. But is it OK for Justin and Selena to appear to be shacking up together at such young ages? They also had what looked to be a steamy getaway in St. Lucia this winter.
I say they are both too young for this. It’s hard to expect teenage romance to have weight or depth. Keeping it easy and fun is key — and overnight stays in high-class resorts definitely cross the danger line!
Of course, Justin and Selena aren’t normal teens, and they have the luxury to spend whatever they want to ensure privacy. So it’s not a surprise they’d share quality time in a presidential suite. But just because they are embraced by fans and the media alike, doesn’t make it right. It’s irresponsible at their ages.
Justin is a young guy engrossed in a high-profile career. I’ve seen a distressing cycle taking place with him, ever since the release of his movie Never Say Never and the revelation of his relationship with Selena. He’s increasingly acted out in a negative fashion. Flipping the bird to photographers and lashing out at the demands of the attention he gets shows that the pressure of fame may be getting to him — and his support team needs change their playbook!
Spending time alone in a hotel room with Selena could be just too much to handle. His mother Pattie Mallette – his guiding light — needs to  stop this behavior. Now.
Justin, spending overnights with Selena is a no-no!. You and Selena are teens who need to be guarded and guided.
Tamsen’s Take:
I think Justin and Selena really do make a  sweet couple. They’re cute, talented and seem to really have fun together. But I believe things are moving way too fast for them!
Teens need to doing things like go to the movies, the mall or spend time together on Skype, not share the presidential suite in a tropical paradise! Yes, I know that for two young people as famous as Selena and Justin, it is nearly impossible to be “normal teenagers.” They need guidance from the adults in their lives to stay on the right path.
Their parents should NOT be teaching them that life is getting everything you want, whenever you want it. Justin, especially, is too young to be engaging in an activity that should be reserved for adults. He is a minor at 17 and would not even be able to rent a hotel room on his own.
There is no all-encompassing guidebook for teaching teens the in-and-outs of dating, relationships and intimacy. There’s even less life-coaching info out there for young talents who have fame and fortune. So I’m hoping once again that the adults in Justin and Selena’s lives are keenly aware of every move these kids are making.
Justin and Selena, you need to truly enjoy the quality time you get to spend together — celebrate your young romance for everything that it is!
And your parents need to educate you both on everything your wonderful young romance is NOT — meaning this is not yet an adult relationship!

Justin Bieber Sings Selena Gomez's 'Who Says' on Stage

Justin Bieber recently performed in Bogor, Indonesia, where he teased his fans with a medley of songs, including a snippet of Selena Gomez's latest single, 'Who Says.'

In the video, we see (and hear) thousands of screaming Beliebers begging Justin to play 'Baby.' The crowd chanted in unison, but the 17-year-old joker began singing 'One Time' instead. Knowing this wasn't what they wanted to hear, Justin reconsidered.

Then, the Canadian pop star started singing Britney Spears' 'Baby (One More Time)' for the fans at Sentul City International Convention Center. Justin is clearly having fun with his joke, so he decides to switch gears by breaking into a little performance of Selena's latest hit.

"So which one do you want to hear?" he asked the audience. We'll give you one guess what their answer was. Watch a clip from Justin's Bogor show below.

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Justin Bieber Is In Australia, But Is Chris Brown There Too?

Justin Bieber recently landed in Australia for his My World concert tour, and if Justin’s hints are true then Chris Brown might be there as well. Justin Tweeted recently:
AUSTRALIA…we are coming…and there might be some surprises.
Justin then linked to a YouTube video for “Next 2 You,” a song he collaborated on with Chris.


Video Of Justin Bieber’s My World Tour In Malaysia

Justin Bieber recently performed in Malaysia on his My World Tour! After the concert Justin Tweeted the video below that has tons of footage from the concert as well as video of fans gearing up to see Justin perform live.
Justin wasn’t the only star to take the stage at the show! He was joined for a performance by Joel Madden from the group Good Charlotte.

Justin Bieber Performs With Joel Madden

Good Charlotte member Joel Madden recently took the stage with pop star Justin Bieber at one of his concerts and the crowd went wild! Joel and Justin performed the hit song “Dance Floor Anthem” together, while the audience sung along too! 

Willow Smith Talks About Pranking Justin Bieber

We all know the story of Justin Bieber and his tour crew running on stage during Willow Smith’s set while on tour and pranking her, but, did you know that Willow was the one to start the prank war when she came out on stage during one of Justin’s songs? Listen to Willow’s Radio Disney interview below where she spills the details about the prank.
You’ll also get to hear what Willow’s favorite Justin Bieber song is right now!

Justin Bieber Nominated For 11 Billboard Music Awards

A huge congratulations is in order for Justin Bieber who is nominated for 11 Billboard Music Awards! The awards show will broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 22, 2011.
Here are the categories Justin is nominated in:
- Top Artist
- Top Billboard 200 Album
- Top New Artist
- Top Social Artist
- Top Streaming Song (Video)
- Top 200 Billboard Artist
- Top Streaming Artist
- Top Digital Media Artist
- Top Male Artist
- Top Pop Artist
- Top Pop Album

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Have A Steamy Date While He’s On Tour In Malaysia!

Our favorite couple dines out on some exotic local fare!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are  wasting no time making their long distance relationship work, with the pair flying into Malaysia and going on a sexy dinner date!Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on April 21 in anticipation of his April 23 concert, and shortly after touchdown the couple went to a local restaurant and chowed down on some of the best cuisine the country had to offer — and some lucky fans even got candid shots of the date!
We’re so happy to see the pair having a bit of fun together — especially since they are both so busy with their red-hot careers!


Johnny Depp’s Daughter Is Obsessed With Justin Bieber!

How cute is this! According to Contact Music Johnny Depp has revealed that his 11-year-old daughter Lily-Rose is obsessed with Justin Bieber! Here’s what Johnny had to say:
Unfortunately, Lily Rose is now severely interested in boys. That’s horrible for me as her dad. I recently met Justin Bieber at a press conference. When I told her that, she changed her color several times.

Justin Bieber Celebrates 9 Million Twitter Followers With 14 New Photos!

Congratulations on your newest milestone, Justin!

No celeb is as good to their fans as Justin Bieber is. To celebrate hitting the 9 million follower mark on Twitter, Justin tweeted out an animated picture showcasing some of his best moves. HollywoodLife.com has broken that image down for you, giving you 14 individual reasons to send that Bieber love right back to him.