Justin Bieber Meets His Long Lost Twin!


Justin expresses his excitement at finally seeing himself waxed and tells his fans to dream big!

Justin Bieber fans your dreams have been answered — double the Justin! The Biebs came face to face with his new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in London and he is absolutely thrilled about the honor. “Twins! lol” he tweeted along with a photo of the “duo” hugging. He also took a serious moment to reflect on his fame.
“Arrived at @tussaudslondon to see my WAX figure!! the 1st time i saw a wax figure was in nyc and all we could do was look thru the glass. now we are here in London and they r about to show my figure here and in amsterdam and in nyc at the one we looked thru the glass. #DREAMBIG”, tweeted the 17-year-old.
To be honest, his “twin” seems more on the fraternal side than identical, right? The wax figure, one of three that were unveiled around the world today, sports his iconic hair pre-Rascal Flatts cut.
Justin seems to have a love/hate relationship with his new wax figure, he cant decide whether to hug him, er, grab him, or punch him in the face. Aw, afraid Selena Gomez will run off with him instead Justin? Don’t worry, we’re sure she’d prefer the real thing, bedhead and all!


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