Justin Bieber’s Pants On The Ground — We Can See His Undies!

Biebs, what is going on? Whether it's talking about growing a mustache or flipping the bird - it looks like Justin just doesn't care anymore!

We see London, we see France, we see Bieber’s underpants! The 17-year-old popstar is making drastic moves to make sure we know he’s not a little kid anymore. Maybe it’s the stress of being on his My World 2.0 tour, or being constantly hounded by throngs of screaming girls — Justin is doing whatever he wants! Even if it means showing off his tidy whities! When arriving at his London hotel on March 14, the Biebs was spotted wearing a sweatshirt fo MCMB, the Christian rock band,  and his pants were majorly falling down! We used to think everything Justin did was absolutely adorable. But ever since he started datingSelena Gomez, he’s started becoming very agitated by all the media attention and has been acting a little reckless. We’re not blaming Selena at all, but what’s Justin’s deal?
This reminds us of the 2010 hit from American Idol’s Larry Platt, “Pants On The Ground!”


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