Selena Gomez Not Happy! Is She Disappointed In Justin Bieber’s Bad Behavior?

Can this be why his girlfriend Selena seems to have such an attitude at the airport?

Selena Gomez wasn’t a happy camper as she was spotted departing from LAX on March 13. Could her boyfriend Justin Bieber’s bad behavior be putting her in a foul mood?
The singer has given his starlet girlfriend plenty of reasons to frown lately.
On a dinner date with Selena on Feb. 26, Justin was extremely rude to some fans. Then on his birthday, he flashed the paps the finger while shopping with her. The next day, Justin attacked a woman with a camera in her hand while taking a walk with Selena. On March 4, Justin kicked his back-up dancer in throat as an element of the violent choreography during his UK tour. On March 8, Justin stole his guitarist Dan Kanter’s phone and prank tweeted that he’d be leaving, causing an uproar amongst fans. And to top it all off, Justin can’t keep his fly zipped!
How embarrassing! Selena, 18, sure does have the right to be in a bad mood — Justin seems to be driving her nuts! She’s clearly distracted — especially if her messy hair’s any indicator.


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