Are Justin Bieber & Selena Too Young To Be Sharing A Hotel Room Together?

Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, were just spotted sharing a suite — and it’s not the first time!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sometimes have been a bit coy about their relationship — but it doesn’t seem that these teenagers are at all shy about sharing a hotel suite. professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal — if these two stars are too young to be appear to be so intimate!
Matt’s Take:
Justin and Selena have certainly been going strong as a couple — with the latest word that she joined him when his world tour made a stop in Malaysia.
The two teen lovebirds reportedly shared the presidential suite at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton and were described as “such a beautiful and loving couple” who “hardly stepped out of” their room. But is it OK for Justin and Selena to appear to be shacking up together at such young ages? They also had what looked to be a steamy getaway in St. Lucia this winter.
I say they are both too young for this. It’s hard to expect teenage romance to have weight or depth. Keeping it easy and fun is key — and overnight stays in high-class resorts definitely cross the danger line!
Of course, Justin and Selena aren’t normal teens, and they have the luxury to spend whatever they want to ensure privacy. So it’s not a surprise they’d share quality time in a presidential suite. But just because they are embraced by fans and the media alike, doesn’t make it right. It’s irresponsible at their ages.
Justin is a young guy engrossed in a high-profile career. I’ve seen a distressing cycle taking place with him, ever since the release of his movie Never Say Never and the revelation of his relationship with Selena. He’s increasingly acted out in a negative fashion. Flipping the bird to photographers and lashing out at the demands of the attention he gets shows that the pressure of fame may be getting to him — and his support team needs change their playbook!
Spending time alone in a hotel room with Selena could be just too much to handle. His mother Pattie Mallette – his guiding light — needs to  stop this behavior. Now.
Justin, spending overnights with Selena is a no-no!. You and Selena are teens who need to be guarded and guided.
Tamsen’s Take:
I think Justin and Selena really do make a  sweet couple. They’re cute, talented and seem to really have fun together. But I believe things are moving way too fast for them!
Teens need to doing things like go to the movies, the mall or spend time together on Skype, not share the presidential suite in a tropical paradise! Yes, I know that for two young people as famous as Selena and Justin, it is nearly impossible to be “normal teenagers.” They need guidance from the adults in their lives to stay on the right path.
Their parents should NOT be teaching them that life is getting everything you want, whenever you want it. Justin, especially, is too young to be engaging in an activity that should be reserved for adults. He is a minor at 17 and would not even be able to rent a hotel room on his own.
There is no all-encompassing guidebook for teaching teens the in-and-outs of dating, relationships and intimacy. There’s even less life-coaching info out there for young talents who have fame and fortune. So I’m hoping once again that the adults in Justin and Selena’s lives are keenly aware of every move these kids are making.
Justin and Selena, you need to truly enjoy the quality time you get to spend together — celebrate your young romance for everything that it is!
And your parents need to educate you both on everything your wonderful young romance is NOT — meaning this is not yet an adult relationship!


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