Listen Up, Biebs! An Old Pro Has Some Advice For You!

If anyone knows about the ups and downs of gaining a lot of fame in the music biz, really fast when you're really young its Joey McIntyrefrom New Kids On The Block.

In a recent interview, Joey was asked to impart some wisdom to Justin about what lies ahead of him as an artist, but also as a kid growing up in the spotlight. Joey recalls the shock he felt when his boyband's popularity started to dwindle and how important it was for him to have his family and real friends by his side through it all. He added:
"I wasn't perfect. We weren't perfect. We certainly made mistakes and there were dark days. You're the biggest thing in the world (but) you gotta come down. What goes up comes down, for whatever reason. You gotta learn how to hang in there and know that there's so much more to life than just singing pop tunes and dancing around on stage. And that takes a while - everybody's got their own path and their own time. You have to go with the flow and learn some things the hard way. Hopefully kids like Justin - there's a lot of young artists out there - hopefully they've got good family around them and they're able to take the ups and downs."

Sounds like pretty solid advice to us! We hope Justin heeds it.

But still, we don't think he's going anywhere for a long time. He's still got some pretty amazing things up his sleeve and with the amount of support he has from other big name artists, we wouldn't be surprised if he's able to reinvent himself once he's older and still be able to stay on top.

Just enjoy the ride, Biebs! Take everything in stride!


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