Oh My God! They Killed Justin Bieber!

Shield your eyes, BIEBlievers! You don't want to see this!

Last night, Justin Bieber reprised his role on your Grandpa's favorite show to fall asleep to, CSI.

Those of you who saw his last appearance on the show remember him as the troubled teen who lost his brother at the hands of a CSI agent.

Even though we had heard that he was doomed, we refused to believe it, and for a while we thought maybe things would, in fact, work out for The Biebs' character…


Shiz gets bat crayzay in the last couple minutes as Biebs turns into a mad bomber, poised to kill everybody to avenge his brother! And then…he gets pumped full of lead! That's right - Justin Bieber gets shot…A LOT!

If you think you can bear to see his body be mangled by bullets, take a look at the video (above).


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