Uh Oh, Selena! Justin Bieber Wants To Go To The Playboy Mansion!

Justin Bieber asked Hugh Hefner if he could come to the Playboy Mansion with his dad! Should Selena be concerned?

Justin Bieber sure is growing up! With his seventeenth birthday less than a week away, the 16-year-old pop sensation chopped off luscious locks and now he’s ready to make his foray into the adult world in a way most men only dream…by going to the Playboy Mansion!
During an interview with Piers Morgan Feb. 22, Playboy creator Hugh Hefner said the Biebs had put in a word to get permission to come visit.
“Today we got the news that Justin and his father want to come to the mansion,” the 83-year-old ladies’ man said. “Yes, it’s true.”
How does Mr. Hefner think Justin will hold up around all the Playboy Bunnies?
“He’ll do alright,” he said, smirking.
Justin seems a little young to be chilling in the grotto with a bunch of fake boobs, but we’re sure he’ll enjoy himself. Do you think Selena should be nervous about letting her BF hangwith Hugh and at the Playboy mansion?


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