Justin Bieber Someday Fragrance Commercial

Here is the commercial for Justin Bieber’s brand new fragrance called Someday. The perfume is meant for women and will release to stores on June 20, 2011.
Justin created a special website for his fans to promote the fragrance: www.JustinBieberSomeday.com. Here is a description from the site about the fragrance from Justin:
“Justin created SOMEDAY to give fans a personal invitation and intimate access to his heart. It’s a fragrance he can’t get enough of and can’t stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible. So take the experience past the music, beyond the performer, and journey deep into a world of possibilities. Into the world of Justin Bieber.
Inspired by the spirit of giving back, Justin teamed up with Give Back Brands to create a unique and inviting fragrance whose proceeds go to charity. Because what’s better than feeling great and giving back?”
Now we just want to know if Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez is already wearing the fragrance?


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