Never Shout Never, Justin Bieber Tweet About Joplin Tornado Devastation

On Sunday, a tornado ravaged the city of Joplin, Mo., Never Shout Never's hometown. The twister destroyed the area, killing at least 117 people and demolishing 2,000 buildings. It is being considered the deadliest tornado in US history.

No one in Never Shout Never was injured, but the event has clearly affected the singer-songwriter Christofer Drew. "Joplin is in ruins...working on a plan to raise money for #joplinrelief," he tweeted on Monday. "I will keep everyone posted."

A statement from Christofer's manager, reassured fans that the singer and his family are okay. "Everyone in the NSN camp is safe and the band is gathered at Christofer Drew's home while things get sorted out," it read. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in Joplin."

Justin Bieber, who recently visited tsunami victims in Japan, also offered his support via Twitter. "Just heard about the devastation in Missouri," he wrote. "My heart goes out to everyone there and their families. My prayers are with you."
Source: jsyk.com


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