New Strain Of Marijuana Named After JBiebs!

Sure, Justin Bieber has won tons of awards since being unleashed upon tweenage music fans everywhere, but nothing solidifies pop star status like acceptance from the stoner community!
A new strain of marijuana circulating in Canada has been named "J.B. Kush" after the singing sensation and is being advertised to "help you get through those tough times with your loved one, and make you closer".
Congrats, Justin!
No? Oh okay. Nevermind!
Sources close to Justin say he is actually pret-ty ticked about the “unauthorized use of his name.”
Plus, it's probably not the publicity a 17-year-old, whose supposed to be a role model, wants at this point in his career.
We say "at this point" because young pop stars have a habit of letting loose after they hit 18.


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